Best Mini Digital Multimeter AC/DC Voltage Testers Reviews

A voltage testing meter is something that you should have around the house – maybe you just want to make sure that you won’t electrocute yourself after dropping the hairdryer into the toilet bowl, but a testing meter is essential for repairing circutry and electronics not only for safety reasons but also ensure that you’re repairing the correct part. A digital meter can be useful for everything from fixing a circuit to testing your car’s battery voltage, so it’s not something that will sit around shoved in some drawer for the rest of its life. There are several options available as far as the type of multimeter you can choose – non-contact meters are great for the work of an electrician, but if you’re repairing your car, it might make more sense to go with a contact or clamp meter.

Battery Load Test With a Multimeter

1. Dr.meter Mini Auto-Ranging Backlit LCD Digital Multimeter with AC/DC Voltage, Current(AMP), Resistance, Diode Test

Dr-MeterThe Dr. Metre Mini Digital Multimeter uses non-contact voltage detection to give you highly accurate readings, and it’s small enough to fit in your pocket. This is an auto-ranging digital meter which can accurately measure AC/DC voltage as well as current, resistance, continuity, and diode – so it should fulfill all of your basic needs without costing you too much. It’s a great household device that offers non-contact readings for a great price, though its features might be somewhat lacking for professional electricians in highly demanding applications.

2. Fluke 117 Electrician’s True RMS Multimeter

RMSIf you want a top-of-the-line digital multimeter which can be used for highly demanding settings including commercial applications, look no further than the Fluke 117. It’s consistent, reliable, and gives you accurate measurements – which makes it ideal for electricians. Particularly impressive is the LoZ feature which helps prevent false readings owing to ghost voltage, and it’s compatible with an optional magnetic hanger for fully hands-free operation. It does all of the things that the more basic devices can like AC/DC voltage, current, resistance, and continuity testing. But it also adds a few extras which makes for better readings and can stand up to the most demanding situations.

3. Digital Multimeter, Crenova MS8233D Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeters Electronic Measuring Instrument AC Voltage Detector

CrenovaLike other digital multimeters at the lower end of the price spectrum, this one offers the basic user features like an LCD display and two test leads – this option requires direct contact with whatever circuitry you’re testing. Otherwise you get AC/DC current, continuity, and resistance readings without paying too much. What you don’t get are clamps or the ability to do non-contact voltage readings.

4. General Purpose AC/DC Hand-held Digital Multimeter with Diode Transistor Test Function

NeikoSome people only need a very basic digital multimeter, without wanting to spend much when advanced features are irrelevant to them. This one comes with test leads, is more accurate than an analogue meter, and can even test for continuity. It’s also bright yellow and doesn’t give the most accurate readings – so be warned that this is not a device for professional uses.

5. Signstek UNI-T UT210E Handheld RMS AC/DC Mini Digital Clamp Meter Resistance Capacitance Tester

SignstekThis is a clamp meter, rather than a non-contact one of those ones you simply touch the diodes to. It gives highly accurate readings, and is suitable for home as well as professional use – you get voltage, AC/DC current, and continuity readings as well as a backlit LCD screen. It’s also currently being offered at a high discount, meaning that you’ll get great value for your money with this one if you’re more interested in a clamp meter than the other options available.

6. DMiotech Digital Multimeter True RMS Auto-Ranging AC / DC Voltage Current Capacitance Frequency Duty Cycle Temperature NCV LCD Backlight 5999 Count with Sound Control Smart-V

uxcellIf you just want a basic meter with a replaceable battery, there’s no dearth of options out there for less than $30. This one has all of the basic features that you would want like AC/DC current, voltage, and continuity readings. But it also introduces a very important feature – the LCD can be lit by sound, without requiring the user to touch anything. The Smart-V automatically senses a lack of illumination and will automatically activate sound control without you having to fidget around.


UNI-THere’s another great clamp meter for a great price, and if you want great product to have around the house, this is one of the best options on the market. It has the ability to measure capacitance and ohms with more accuracy and range than many high end meters, and also gives you amp clamp readings, voltage readings, and non-contact voltage detection in a package that will fit into your shirt pocket.

8. DMiotech Digital Multimeter DC AC Voltage Current Ohm Meter Resistance Capacitance Transistor Frequency Measurement Multi Tester LCD Backlight

DMiotechThis option is affordable, and comes with auto power-off so you don’t waste your batteries. The LCD is backlit, and this multimeter has a non-contact voltage testing feature as well as diode testing. It also has the other standard features and an ergonomically friendly design. This digital multimeter has a sound control feature, and can test for capacitance and frequency as well. You get diode test leads and can also do non-contact testing with it, which is a great feature to add. It’s intuitive to use and reasonably well-made, but comes with a few quirks as well – the test probes do not use a standard connector type, and are unguarded which increases the potential for shocks.

9. Aidbucks MS8233B Digital Multimeter AC/DC Voltage Tester 600V/10A MAX Electrical Battery Circuit Detector Continuity Resistance Test Multi Meter Ammeter Voltmeter for Automatic Household Use

AidbucksThis is another affordable household option that will give you all you need, including diode, voltage, current, and continuity testing. There’s also a continuity buzzer and a low-battery indicator. You also get test leads, test holders, and a stand for hands-free use which all make this a good option for anyone not requiring non-contact testing features. If you want a good multimeter for under $20, this multimeter is great but comes with fairly useless instructions. If you want something for hobby work, this is a good option to go with provided you already know how to use a multimeter. You get two test leads, a stand, and it has a built-in continuity buzzer. It can do all of the basic tests, and offers accurate readings.

10. Proster Pocket Digital Multimeter Auto Ranging Digital Multimeters Digital Multi Tester AC DC Voltage DC Current Resistance Diodes Transistor Audible Continuity Tester

ProsterThis is an affordable, compact multimeter that’s also highly reliable. It also has a built-in holster, and backlit LCD display. This is another great option for around the house if you just need to do diode testing and want accurate readings. This multimeter is easy to use and is fairly inexpensive, but doesn’t do well with measuring higher resistance values. It’s not the very best option on the market or even at this price, but it’s a decent basic meter if that’s all you need.

There are plenty of excellent options if you want a digital multimeter, whatever requirements you may have. If you just need a basic model with diode testing for home electrical work, there are plenty of good quality, affordable options. However, if you’re doing more demanding work, it might be better to go with one of the higher end options mentioned here, and features like diode clamps and non-contact testing can be great things to have.

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