5 Best Free Mac Cleaner Apps to Optimize your Mac

For the most part, Mac Cleaner apps are usually utilized to optimize your device. This is especially the case if you don’t have the time to search through a bunch of folders and files to clean your device.

Now, if you don’t know which Mac cleaner to use, then good thing because we just did an extensive research and testing to find out which cleaning app is the best to optimize your Mac.

With that said, we want to share you the five best free Mac Cleaner Apps to Optimize your Mac. All of them come with excellent features such as disk cleanup, memory cleaner, Random Access Memory cleaner, temporary and junk files remover, all of these to make your device have better performance.

So, without further ado, let’s examine all five of them!

Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac Care’s name comes up many times if you look for some of the best Mac cleaners in the internet. Well, there’s actually a good reason for that because this Mac cleaner app provides comprehensive functionalities against a number of problems which include speed and storage problems that are pretty common in this day and age.

Moreover, this cleaner app can also eliminate spyware, adware, malware, and so on, which make it a very capable cleaner app out there.

Privacy Scan Function

Smart Mac Care also comes with a Privacy Scan function that enables you to keep sensitive data secured during scanning. If the standard disk cleanup can’t free up some space on your device, then we suggest utilizing the Advanced Tools functionality in order to delve deeper and get rid of unnecessary files from your Mac device. (Source)

One of the most ideal parts about this cleaner app is that it is quite easy to use and doesn’t need a lot of time just to get familiarized with it.

With such functionalities, this cleaner app is certainly one of the best Mac cleaners in the business. Similar to the app cleaners we mentioned above, this one also comes with a free and premium version.

Just make sure you know what your needs are so you can decide whether to get the paid version or the free one.

App Cleaner & Uninstaller

App Cleaner & Uninstaller is a comprehensive cleaner app that can get rid of any junk and temporary files on your Mac and effectively boosting the performance of the device along the process. Aside from getting rid of unnecessary files from your device, this app can also modify the way applications load.

Fast Reset

With its fast reset of all applications without losing any important data, the App Cleaner & Uninstaller can make all applications open just like they were freshly installed. Moreover, this cleaner app can disable or hide items that usually slow up your device’s performance.

Getting rid of complete applications using this cleaner app is even easier because of its great functionalities. You are also offered a tick box with all of the applications on your Mac device, so you just need to pick the applications that you want to eliminate and simply press the “Remove” button.

Limited Capabilities

This feature will totally uninstall the application and also get rid of any traces from your PC. However, keep in mind that this functionality doesn’t provide security against adware or malware since it only operates on your device locally and doesn’t manage the internet stuffs.

Lastly, you can either choose its premium version if you want better service and optimization for your device. But the free version is also a good choice if you want.


This Mac cleaner app continues the usual comprehensive Mac cleaning from its older versions. MACBOOSTER 7 also features a number of new features that make it one of the most stunning selections among Mac cleaner apps out there.

Great Cleaning Capabilities

This cleaner app does an impressive task of cleaning up junk files from your PC all thanks to its feature called Deep Scan. If you get this app, you are automatically safeguarded against adware, malware, spyware, and viruses. Also, if your Mac comes with a whole bunch of duplicate files, then this Mac cleaner can efficiently search for them and get rid of them, which ultimately frees up some of your Mac’s storage.

MACBOOSTER 7 also cleans up some junks and unnecessary cache from your device so your device can have a performance boost. You see, Mac users out there should know that apps such as iTunes tend to store up great amount of cache in the background, and can drag down the performance of your device.

Perfect for Older Versions

This is particularly the case if you are currently using older versions. But don’t worry, because this cleaner app can eliminate all these cache files and at the same time boost up your Mac’s Random Access Memory’s speed to an impressive level. MACBOOSTER 7 also comes with a premium version for additional features.

But don’t worry because the developer still offers a free version of MACBOOSTER.


DAISYDISK enables you to get a great vantage point of your Mac’s storage space in the form of charts. Such features enable the user to immediately recognize the flaws in the Mac’s storage partition, and ultimately make some necessary customizations accordingly.

Simple Drag and Drop

Good thing because users don’t need a separate utility to get rid of the unnecessary files. In fact, a simple drag and drop can get rid of these junk and temporary files forever. One main advantage of this app is its user interface that provides a rare perspective of the current disk space on your device.

DAISYDISK can also scan more than one disk at the same time at an optimal rate. Users can also decide to preview the content within the program using the Quick Look feature of DAISYDISK. You can get this feature either from the Mac App Store or directly from the developer’s official website.

On a side note, the free version of DAISYDISK is only available from the developer’s website. But overall, we still recommend for you to try the free version of this cleaner app before acquiring any paid license.


CLEANMYMAC X is one of the best Mac cleaner apps that you can use because it features a vast range of utilities in addition to just cleaning up your device. This app can also aid you to get rid of malware from your device and can even aid you to boost your device’s memory performance, which ultimately result in better and faster performance of your Mac.

CLEANMYMAC X is probably the single app that your Mac device needs in order to boost up its performance and clear out junk and temporary files at the same time.

Great Utility

CLEANMYMAC X comes with a number of algorithms that features complete security against any type of malicious threat while also ensuring that the performance of your Mac device is boosted. CLEANMYMAC X’s method is getting rid of logs and localizations, broken download, and outdated caches.  (Source)

This app comes in both free and premium plan. While many users are expected to acquire the best cleaning experience with its premium version, the free one can also provide users an excellent idea of how this unit can manage performance-boosting and cleanup of your device.

Final Thoughts

So, all in all, these are the best Mac cleaner apps that you can pick from to aid you maintain your Mac device organized. But if you want to get our suggestion, then we highly recommend the Smart Mac Care because aside from having a friendly and beautiful user-interface, this app also comes with innovative features in order to clean the clutter on you device.

Of course you can also try some of the cleaner apps we listed above just like the CLEANMYMAC X and the CCLEANER because they are two prominent brands when it comes to mac cleaning apps criteria.

How about you? Which of the cleaner apps we mentioned above you prefer the most? Kindly leave any comment down below.

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