Best Kids’ Walkie Talkies On Amazon Reviews

Walkie Talkies have been a childhood favorite since the first set was sold to the public years ago. In many respects what is available as a child’s amusement toy today is better than what the military had in world war II. The market is crowded with several different brands and following are ten of the best. All available through Amazon, they were chosen on the basis of function, durability, and customer satisfaction.

1. Kids Walkie Talkies, UOKOO 22 Channels and Back-lit LCD Screen (up to 6KM in open areas) Walkie Talkies for Kids

uokooUOKOO has the kind of appearance kids like, cool and grown-up looking. A good size for small hands, and with nearly a 4-mile range in open areas, the possibilities for fun and adventure are endless. With 3.5 hours of continuous use on a single charge, the fun isn’t over too soon either. Auto squelch ensures that sound quality doesn’t suffer in crowded places and walkie talkies like these work even in areas where cell phones get no service. Camping with children, or any outdoor event where they may be out of sight is a lot less nervous for adults when the kids have these radios for contact.

2. 7TECH Kids Walkie Talkies Toys 22 Channel FRS GMRS 121 Code 2 Way Radio (Up to 5KM)

7techThe modern, compact design of the 7Tech set of walkie talkies, and easy to use, hands-free feature make this set of radios very popular with kids. Intended for children 4 and up, that incudes adults as well. Excellent sound quality and supporting 22 channels as well as a battery indicator on the well lit LCD display make this a good choice for any age group. Everyone, including children, likes being able to hear clearly. Whether they are outdoors or in, as long as they have one, and you have the other you will always know where a child is.

3. Walkie Talkies, 22 Channel Child Walkie Talkies 2 Way Radio 3 Miles (Up to 5Miles) UHF Handheld Walkie Talkie for Kids

sokosThese UHF walkie talkies come with so many different features. However, the one kids will most appreciate is the 3.5 hours of battery life before they have to stop playing and recharge. Works well indoors or out, and with a 3-mile range, 22 channels, auto squelch, auto scan, channel lock and a low battery alert this set is ready for action. The bright LCD display makes data easy to read, and the size of the units make them easy to carry or conceal while on a secret mission. There are no limits to a child’s imagination and with these radios they can explore the world while never leaving the yard, or getting very far from it.

4. Kidzlane Durable Walkie Talkies, Easy To Use and Kids Friendly

kidzlaneThis set of durable walkie talkies has a 2-mile range and features 3 channels. Very child-friendly, to operate Kidzlane simply push the button to talk and let the fun begin. Also featured are LED indicators, and a clip on belt holder for easy play. Kidzlane wants their customers to be happy and if you aren’t, these walkie talkies come with a 100% money back guarantee.

5. Retevis RT-602 Kids Walkie Talkies Rechargeable 22 Channel FRS/GMRS UHF 462.5625-467.7250MHz 2 Way Radio for Kids

rt-602This pair of walkie talkies is bound to be a hit with all the features it has. Children may not understand the value of call alert, channel lock, low-battery alert, auto squelch, or the battery saving function this set has but they will definitely have fun with the built-in flashlight and keypad tones. Rechargeable batteries last 4 fun hours and all it takes to get them ready to go again is 1-2 hours on the charger which is included. Also included is a 90-days warranty with no reason required for a return.

6. Retevis RT-388 22CH LCD Display Flashlight VOX Kids Friendly Walkie Talkie

rt-388This set of walkie talkies is durably built, and ready to please any active child in the adventure of the day. Small, easy to carry and operate, there are 22 channels available and power saving circuitry makes those batteries last that much longer. Auto scan is featured and menu keys easily set functions. These are the kind of toys that make kids want to get up and move around, and not just sit for hours in the same spot, playing a favorite video game.

7. BaoFeng T-3 Kids Walkie Talkie Two Way Radio (1 Pair)

baofengThese BaoFeng walkie talkies are built with children in mind and their durability alone makes them worthwhile. Function is outstanding and children will love the 22 channel capability as much as the different tones on the keypad or the flashlight. Individual settings are protected via keypad lock, scanning is automatic and all it takes to use this awesome toy is the simple press of its talk button.

8. My First Kids Walkie Talkies, Super Easy to Use for young kids 2 Mile Range and 3 Channel, Ages 5+

iqEventually, children will have a need for a cell phone but when they’re really too young for that, these walkie talkies are the next best thing. Made of durable materials and safety tested, this deal is perfect for a kids first set of walkie talkies. They can get outside and play “spy” to their hearts content for over 3-hours before batteries need to be recharged and with a two mile range, it doesn’t matter how far they roam, they can still be found and reminded when it’s time to come home.

9. Floureon Twin Walkie Talkies Toy 22 Channel FRS/GMRS UHF462-467MHz 2-Way Radio 3KM Range Interphone for Kids Children Outdoor Camping Hiking

floureonFloureon twins are excellent walkie talkies for any child with an adventuresome spirit. With a 22 channel capability, a range of nearly two miles and double that in open areas, kids may forget they have other toys to play with. Auto scan quickly locates open channels, and squelch is also automatic so all the child has to do is press a few buttons and they are ready to go. The belt clip is more than functional, carrying a cool looking walkie talkie around on their waist makes some kids seem to walk a little taller.

10. Retevis RT628 Kids Walkie Talkies 22 Channel FRS/GMRS UHF 462.550- 467.7125MHz Portable 2 Way Radio Toy for Children

rt628The small size and light weight (90g) of each radio makes them easy for small hands to carry. The talk button is easy to find and activating it also turns on the built-in microphone. These walkie talkies are designed to communicate with others on the same channel and call alert will let kids know when they might be missing something. Indoors or out, the lucky kid that gets this set is going to have fun no matter what the weather is like outside.

There are more serious reasons than playtime for owning a good set of walkie talkies and one of them is in being able to keep track of a child’s whereabouts. As long as parents have one end of the communications or a unit compatible to the one their child carries, it cuts down on a lot of worrying. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to give these as gifts, buying a set today is more a matter of safety to adults as well as fun for the kids.

Two of the most popular walkie talkies on the above list of ten are # 2, the Retevis RT-602, and # 9, the 7Tech. Both are durably built, have good range and simple operation. The battery life of Retevis means 4-hours of uninterrupted play, but then again, the hands-free feature of 7Tech makes it a very tempting deal as well.

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