Best Manual Post Hole Diggers Reviews

When you have a fence to build, even if it is a small one, you will have to dig some fairly formidable holes. If you tried to use a shovel you would be at it all day. These vertical-attack cylindrical focus blades dig a perfectly round hole, deep and quick. The installation of the fence posts will quickly seem the harder task of fence building.

Seymour Structron Hercules Posthole Digger

PD48This cushioned grip equipped posthole digger digs holes up to 6.25″ inches in diameter. It is very lightweight, because the handle is a special reinforced core fiberglass construction. It is meant for heavy, frequent use by professionals.

Seymour Promotional Post Hole Digger with Wood Handle

DG-60The Seymour is famous for being the top tool set with the genuine traditional hardwood handles. They are cut square, just as in olden times, which gives incredible strength at stress points. The yoking is double-bolted to insure great strength. Blades are forged from carbon steel and are pre-sharpend.

Truper 32406 Tru Tough Atlas Pattern Posthole Digger

TruperThis industrial grade posthole digger is the best for digging holes quickly, for trees, shrubberies, and fence posts. The giant 48 inches of the best pro=grade fiberglass forming the handle is countered with soft cushion grips. It is beautifully finished in gray-steel clear coat. Clean up is best by garden hose and be sure to treat it with a silicon spray: Tru-tough. This is a best-selling line for Trupers.

Fiskars 60 Inch Steel Posthole Digger

FiskarsWelded Pivots make this the ideal deep hole application posthole digger. You can dig a hole up to a foot deeper than standard differs, with the exclusive offset handles. The digging blades are thick, armored 14-gauge tempered steel attached to 16-gauge rigid steel shafts, outlasting traditional tools with wooden handles.

Bully Tools 92384 14-Gauge 7-Inch Post Hole Digger with Fiberglass Handle

BullyThis most-durable, but quite lightweight posthole digger comes with the full 14-gauge forged steel blades. It is all American made and comes with a reinforced fiberglass handle. Professionals stock this high quality tool as their mid-range posthole digger, with a 7″ inches diameter hole span.

You Can Dig It

Any one of these tools is better than a pick and a shovel. But as you read above, there are distinctions among these different posthole diggers. The main difference is home-use or industrial strength.

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