Best Portable Rotary Guillotine Paper Cutter Trimmer Machine Reviews

You can be on the cutting edge with one of the paper cutters reviewed here within. Paper cutters are found in most offices and printing shops, as well as photo shops and newspaper and magazine shops. They are useful for cutting many types of paper, from thin printing paper to cardstock and more. Whether you are a teacher cutting out pages for your students or you’re a magazine editor cutting photographs, a paper cutter is going to be a useful tool for your office. There are many kinds of paper cutters, however. Rotary paper cutters are made up of a round disc blade that moves back and forth on a rail.

These paper cutters are often used for cutting photos because of their great precision. Guillotine paper cutters consist of a long blade on an arm lever that comes down on the papers from above. Generally very accurate, they can be used for paper and cardstock, among other types of paper. Stack paper cutters are designed to cut hundreds of sheets of paper at a time, and are often found in printing shops.

They are also useful for cutting down large sheets of paper. Other paper cutter types include hydraulic (often found in the form of stacks), corner cutters (used to round corners), and form cutters (these auto-feed paper and cut it down to size with multiple cuts at a time).

Carl Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Cutter

CARLWith a twelve-inch blade and a mat with precision markings, including markings for several sizes of photographs, this rotary paper cutter is full of features. The trimmer can cut eight one-fourth inch thick cardstock pages, and cuts to a 1/32 inch precision. Great for any job, the cutter even has a storage area for extra blades and cutting mats. It comes with an extra cutting blade, a perforating blade, and an extra cutting mat. If you’re worried about moving the paper while cutting, worry no more! This paper cutter locks to hold the paper tightly during the cutting process.

Swingline Guillotine Paper Cutter

SwinglineThe Swingline Guillotine paper cutter features a fifteen-inch blade that is self-sharpening so you don’t have to do the sharpening. A safety lock and guard rail give this cutter great safety precaution. The trimmer can easily cut four sheets of 90-pound paper. One con to this trimmer, though, is that it takes two hands to work – one to hold the trimmer down and one to work the lever. You can easily transport it, though, as it is lightweight.

Fiskars 12 Inch Portable Scrapbooking Trimmer

FiskarsA rotary trimmer, the Fiscars scrapbooking paper trimmer has an extendable mat to 15 ? inches for large projects. The blade and rail interlock for very precise cuts, and the blade carriage is easy to grip and allows for fast, accurate cuts. Its lightweight design also makes it super easy to carry with you for projects on the go!

Amzdeal Heavy Duty Paper Cutter

AmzdealA stack paper cutter like none other, this beast of a machine can cut up to 400 sheets of twenty-pound paper! You’ll never have trouble with measuring as the cutter has a steel side gauge with 1/32 inch resolution measurements. While you won’t be carrying this 32-pound cutter around, its sturdy frame means you won’t need that extra hand for holding the frame down. You won’t even need a hand to hold the paper in place, since it has an adjustable paper clamp that locks the paper in place before the cutting.

Dahle Personal Ruling Trimmer

DahleWith a self-sharpening blade encased in a plastic shield, this lightweight trimmer is great for photographers, scrapbooking, and light business use. It can cut up to seven sheets of paper at a time, which are locked into place by an automatic clamp; doing this frees your hand for other tasks. It even has an imprinted protractor on the mat for angled cuts. The sturdy metal case is light enough to carry the trimmer with you for projects anywhere, but doesn’t require you to hold it down when cutting!

With one of these great cutters, you can be on the cutting edge with your paper projects. The Carl heavy duty paper cutter is full of features, including precision markings and a storage area for extra blades and mats. The Swingline guillotine paper cutter has a self-sharpening blade so you don’t have to sharpen it or replace it, housed in a guard rail. It also features a safety lock for when it’s not being used. The Fiscars scrapbooking paper cutter has an extendable mat and a blade and rail that interlock for precision cutting. Amzdeal’s heavy duty stack paper cutter is a desktop cutter made to cut hundreds of sheets of paper at once. It also has a steel side gauge with 1/32 inch measurements for extremely precise measurements. Finally, the Dahle personal trimmer is a rotary cutter that is easy to take on the road and is excellent for photographers, crafters, and businesses. All of these are good choices, depending on your needs, and each is a wonderful addition to anyone’s office or home.

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