Best Steerable Knee Walker Scooter Crutches Reviews

Anyone who has had to use crutches will understand and appreciate the convenience of a Steerable Knee Walker. Designed like scooters, a knee walker performs the same function as crutches but in a more comfortable, secure way. Rather than cruise the internet and try to choose from hundreds, look at the following 10 Walker Scooter’s. All offered by Amazon and chosen for durability, functionality plus good customer ratings.

1. All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker Heavy Duty Crutches Alternative

KneeRoverThis All Terrain KneeRover is a comfortable, functional, safer alternative to crutches. Heavy Duty construction offers durability and 12″ pneumatic tires are designed to get you over any surface indoors or out. Tie-rod style steering the same as in your car is what makes this scooter so easy to control and you can feel the stability. Easy to fold for transport, this knee scooter is going to open up whole new areas for its lucky owner.

2. Kids Knee Walker Child Knee Scooter Pediatric Crutches Alternative in Light Blue

PediatricThe KneeRover Jr. is the first of its kind designed solely for children or small adults. Crutches can be awkward, clumsy and potentially dangerous when they lead to a fall but that is never a worry with this knee walker scooter. Stability and easy control are built-in and safety is well covered with a locking handbrake as well as a rear disc brake. Easy to fold and fit in your back seat if necessary, this scooter is very travel friendly.

3. Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker Crutch Alternative

DV8The Drive Medical DV8 knee walker will certainly help you get where you need to go with a lot less trouble and effort than it takes to use standard crutches. Four sturdy wheels on the ground makes a person feel safe, and the leg pad with its “channel” adds to the security and stability when you choose this knee walker to help you get around. Seat and handle height are adjustable and you don’t need tools to do it.

4. Economy Knee Scooter Steerable Knee Walker Medical Leg Scooter Crutch Alternative with Dual Braking System

BrakingThe Economy Knee Scooter is more than an affordable, comfortable alternative to crutches. With four 7.5″ rubber wheels and easy steering, it’s a safer way to enjoy more freedom than crutches will ever offer. This knee walker only weighs 21-pounds and the quick release folding mechanism makes it easy to take along wherever you need it. Designed for either adults or children, indoors or out, this scooter is ready when you are.

5. BodyMed Folding Knee Walker With Dual Braking System and Basket – – Great Alternative To Crutches – Broken Leg Scooter – Steerable Mobility Device For Foot Or Ankle Injury

BodyMedThe BodyMed Knee Walker will keep you mobile and when not in use, it folds easily for storage. Dual brakes stop when you need them to, and users of this scooter don’t have to deal with the back or underarm pain that too much time on crutches can cause. Handle and knee pad are both adjustable and brakes can also be adjusted to preference. Built to last, you can count on BodyMed’s functionality every time you roll it out for use.

6. Knee Scooter by Vive – Steerable Knee Walker for Broken Leg & Foot – Medical Alternative to Crutches – Kneeling Roller Cart w/ Pad for Senior & Elderly Mobility – Vive Guarantee

VIVEVive has upgraded and if you’re in the market for a knee walker you can count on, this is it. Its light weight makes it very portable but that doesn’t mean it can’t take rough surfaces, because it can. 8″ wheels support a heavy duty steel frame that rolls wherever you can push it and rear disk brakes offer the ultimate in control. The cushion is contoured for comfort plus stability, and this scooter comes with a Lifetime Guarantee!

7. Knee Scooter Walker – w/Most Sought Features -Silver – Removable Basket, Non-Scuff Wheels, Locking Brakes—and one just for fun—a Bell

SilverScooters all serve the same function but this deluxe Knee Walker does it with more style, comfort and safety. The durable frame is made of steel, and its advanced braking system allows all the control you need to stop both rear wheels with a single lever. Steering and cushion height are both adjustable, and although it may not have anything to do with function, the removable basket certainly adds to the convenience of this scooter.

8. Essential Medical Supply Free Spirit Knee and Leg Walker

EssentialWith the FreeSpirit knee walker you can leave those crutches in the corner because you won’t be needing them. Loop hand brakes and a 30% turning radius offer greater control to the user and even though the frame is light weight, it can still support up to 400-pounds. It folds easily for transport and the frame has a Lifetime Limited Warranty which makes this one of the better deals you’ll find anywhere for a knee walker.

9. Deluxe Steerable Knee Walker Knee Scooter Knee Cycle Leg Walker Crutch Alternative in Blue

CycleThe KneeRover Deluxe is considered by many to be very advanced as compared to other brands. One reason for its high appeal is the tie-rod steering design which offers much more control and stability when in motion. Indoors or out, this knee walker gets around very well on 7.5″ wheels and the quick folding feature makes it easy to travel with. Handle bars and knee platform are both adjustable and the free basket is very handy.

10. Medline Weil Knee Walker, Burgundy

MedlineThe unique 3-wheel design of the Medline Weil Scooter allows for easier turns indoors or out and the thickness of the padded knee cushion makes using it so much more comfortable than the “cheap seats” other brands offer. After hours of use, your knee is going to appreciate the extra padding. Featured locking hand brakes are a big plus and even though it doesn’t weigh much, it can still easily support up to 300-pounds.

If you or someone you know could benefit from buying a knee walker why hesitate? There’s no comparison to the comfort and safety a scooter offers over crutches and once you’ve tried the knee walker way of getting around, you’ll know that for a fact. Buying medical equipment is serious business and can be confusing so hopefully, you’ve already found the perfect scooter for you from the above list.

To make your choice a little easier here are two of the most popular scooters discussed. BodyMed, # 5, is sturdily built, and folds easily for storage. A big plus with this knee walker is brakes that can be adjusted to personal preference. The Vive, # 6, has all the function and durability of the BodyMed but it also includes a Lifetime Guarantee and that’s worth thinking about.

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