Best Stethoscopes For Student Nurses & Doctors Reviews

One of the most important tools for a medical practitioner would be that of a stethoscope. This important device is pivotal in helping someone determine the internal workings of a patient’s body. Invented in 1816, one of the main uses of the stethoscope today is to listen to the heart sounds of a patient. It is less frequently used to listen to intestines and blood flow in the veins as well. The retail marketplace Amazon has many different examples of stethoscopes available, and here are some sample reviews:

3M Littman Lightweight II S.E. 28 Inch Stethoscope with a Caribbean Blue Tube

LittmannThis offering has a reliable acoustic response with a light weight interface. This option sports a tear-drop shape that gives the user easy access to fit under the blood pressure cuff. The stethoscope is anotomically designed in order to meet the direct path of the ear canal. This option has a nonchill design that will provide great patient comfort.

Omron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope

OmronThis example is very versatile and comes with a number of different earpieces. This example comes with large and small diaphragms for adult and child patients and it often has the ability to find high-pitched respiratory sounds and even some lower frequency cardiac sounds.

3M Littman Classic II S.E. 28 Inch Stethoscope with Black Plated Chestpiece and Eartubes

3MOne of the advantages to this selection would be that it has high acoustic sensibility. The piece is very durable and well-made, and it sports a tunable diaphraghm. Moreover, this example is also anatomically designed for the ear canal of most users.

3M Littmann Master Classic II 27 Inch Stethoscope with Black Plated Chestpiece and Eartubes

MasterThis Amazon option sports one of the best award-winning ergonomic designs and has one of the better acoustic sensitivity ranges. This model has all of the other requirements, including a tunable diaphragm and a non-chill rim. It also sports latex-free materials to help with patients with allergies.

ADC Adscope 609ST Stethoscope in Stealth Black

ADCThis stethoscope also has quite a bit to offer the medical practitioner and the patient. The piece is made from lightweight aluminum to fit most preferences and has an extra large bell along with a highly sensitive 1 3/4th diaphram.


You might think that all stethoscopes are the same. However, even in this product it pays to comparison shop. A stethoscope is an important tool and so it would behoove you to study all descriptions closely.

As a medical or nursing student, buying your very first nursing clipboard is something special. It is pretty much the beginning of the rest of your life in the field.

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