Choose the Perfect Mattress for the Elderly

It has long been known and scientifically proven that the key to longevity is a full, healthy sleep. That is why the elderly need to have a rational attitude to bed arrangement. Older age requires discipline and attention to what may seem like a trifle in young years. In order not to suffer from insomnia, it is necessary to take care of having a suitable and comfortable in every aspect model for you in advance.

In this article, I would like to offer a detailed discussion of the most critical aspects related to the purchase of orthopedic mattresses for the elderly. Following simple recommendations, you will get a universal product that will serve as a comfortable place for your rest during the night and day.


Based on common recommendations of orthopedic surgeons, it is safe to say that older people should rest on the softest mattresses. In this case, choosing the product should not be challenging – it is enough to find a model with the most elastic filling.

Best Mattress for the Elderly

According to, a win-win choice for this category of users are models with independent spring blocks. Such orthopedic mattresses for the elderly retain their shape and have the most pronounced orthopedic effect. The products with separate spring blocks perfectly fit the elderly, so there is no surprise that most specialists advise opting for them. However, there are a few exceptions, e.g., in case of certain musculoskeletal system diseases, it is better to choose spring-free models.

Mattresses with dependent spring blocks should be immediately excluded from the list since they often sin by the unpleasant hammock effect. Such models can be extremely harmful to the spine (curved position). Resting on such a mattress may result in a quite deplorable condition – the vertebrae and back are tensed continuously, which prevents healthy sleep.

Filling Material

Among the fillers of orthopedic mattresses for older people, there are the softest natural and synthetic latex, polyurethane foam, and memory foams. Besides, in terms of firmness range, I recommend considering models with alternating layers of coconut coir and natural latex. These products are the most popular among elderly users. 

Many manufacturers are ready to make a custom mattress for the elderly with a sick back, adding or reducing various layers of fillings and considering all their wishes.

Best Mattress for the Elderly with Back Problems

The tips above are for general purposes only. Further, we will consider in more detail a few rules that will help to correctly choose the best mattress for an older person suffering from problems with the musculoskeletal system.

Radiculitis is a dangerous disease that requires maintaining the spine in an anatomically correct and natural position. With this disease, experts recommend using orthopedic models of moderate firmness. Such mattresses provide an extremely comfortable and natural position of the spine during sleep. The optimal type of orthopedic mattress for radiculitis is a product on an independent spring block.

These models instantly adjust to the shape of the resting body, evenly distributing the load across the entire sleeping surface. Preferred filling materials are coconut coir and natural latex. Besides, with this disease, it is important to take care of heat therapy – mattress covers made with the addition of merino wool have a pronounced warming effect.

Old people suffering from scoliosis, kyphosis, and lordosis should also look at springless orthopedic models. It is recommended to choose springless mattresses for the elderly with alternating layers of soft and hard filling materials. Coconut fiber, natural, and synthetic latex can act as fillers.

The combination of interlayers provides a combined orthopedic effect, which is beneficial to the spine. If you choose spring models, I advise you to opt for products with independent spring blocks. The optimal number of springs in the product is from 300 to 1000 per a sleeping place.

Osteochondrosis is a disease known for many pitfalls. The disorder negatively affects the intervertebral discs, leading to their gradual abrasion and pinching of nerve endings. The result of the progression is a severe disruption of all body systems. To ensure an anatomically correct position of the back during rest, you should buy an orthopedic mattress for an elderly person of moderate firmness or semi-firm models.

A win-win solution is a two-sided model with an independent spring block. The sides have varying degrees of firmness, which allows them to alternate depending on the spine’s condition. You have to turn the product over and enjoy an extremely comfortable stay. Buying such an efficient mattress is surely profitable – you get two for the price of one. Coconut coir, memory foam, natural and synthetic latex can serve as materials for filling these orthopedic beds.

A herniated disc is most often a direct result of osteochondrosis. The disease occurs in cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral vertebral departments and, as a rule, is characterized by severe pain. Experts strongly recommend choosing orthopedic mattresses with variable firmness for the elderly.

One side of the product should have a moderate degree of firmness, and the other should be relatively soft. When choosing a model, remember that the more springs inside, the more comfort you get. The orthopedic effect also depends on the number of springs.

Despite an almost limitless range of high-quality orthopedic products, none of them can be considered a cure for diseases. The use of mattresses for elderly people with a sore back is primarily aimed at preventing spinal diseases, alleviating pain, and other symptoms. It is also necessary to remember the importance of consulting a specialist before buying this or that mattress.

Follow these simple tips:

  • The height of the mattress should be as comfortable as possible in terms of falling asleep and waking up. An elderly person should be comfortable to sit on the bed and get out of it, without feeling any discomfort and stress.
  • Consider personal preferences in regards to softness, as well as illnesses. If a person prefers a soft resting place, but the existing diseases do not allow that, then you can buy a two-sided mattress so the person can rest on both sides when it’s needed. 
  • Most experts recommend purchasing mattresses with independent spring blocks. These models provide the fullest rest, maintaining a comfortable position without hindering proper blood circulation.
  • Pay attention to the eco-friendliness of the materials to avoid allergies.

Following the simple tips above, choosing a mattress can be greatly facilitated. The right product will surely meet all the needs and wishes.

I hope that these recommendations will help you make the right choice. Stay healthy and have a happy shopping!

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