Things You Must Know About HP Ink Cartridges

For all we know, print ink cartridges seem a little bit expensive especially for those who are running small business that involves printing. In particular, replacing your printer ink cartridge every few months can be a quite frustrating financially.

Moreover, even if you lessen your printing activities, ink cartridges won’t really last that long. So, when choosing an ink cartridge for your printer, it is important that you select a good quality ink that can ensure you’ll get amazing printing results.

Now, if you’re thinking that refilling your old ink cartridge is a smart idea and won’t cost that much, keep in mind that you must have more technical skills in order to do it the right way. So, without further ado, let us help you by discussing two excellent printer ink cartridge from HP, namely: HP64 and HP64XL.

Which one is better for your printing needs? Let’s find out. Stay tuned!

HP 64 vs. HP 64XL

Both of these HP ink cartridges don’t really have that much difference except for the fact that 64XL can produce more results – hence it is called 64 “XL”.

First of all, HP 64 and HP 64XL are compatible with HP ENVY 5542, and HP ENVY Photo 6252, 6255, 6258, 7155, 7158, 7164, 7855, 7858, and 7864.

They can provide up to two times more prints with Original HP ink versus the refill ink cartridges. Their working temperature is around 59 degree Fahrenheit to 90 degree Fahrenheit. When it comes to storage temperature, it has a range of -40 degree Fahrenheit to 140 degree Fahrenheit.

These two have professional quality with dependable performance. Moreover, in terms of reliability, you can count on Original HP. It features a dependable performance because of its outstanding results and consistent page yields with Original HP cartridges.

With HP 64 and HP 64XL, you can print twice the pages. You see, original HP Ink can provide up to two times more prints compared to refill cartridges. Now, when it comes to convenience and value, you can definitely save more money and time because they come with convenient multipacks.

With HP 64XL in particular, you can certainly save more because you’ll be able to get more pages and ultimately more value because it produces more pages. Additionally, the print results of these two can last very long and won’t fade even after many years.

Overall, it just a matter of how many or how much result you want. If you prefer more and better overall value, then HP 64XL is a smarter choice. On the other hand, if you don’t have that much to print and don’t really have that much initial money to purchase, then HP 64 is also a great choice.

Mistakes to Avoid When It Comes to Ink Cartridges

Not Checking the Page Yield of the Unit

Many consumers don’t know how long an ink toner or cartridge can last before they buy one online or even at a local office store.

You see, page yield is the approximate quantity of page that an ink cartridge can print before it runs out of ink. The total number of pages that you can print with an ink cartridge will mostly be based on what kind of print job you have.

For example, if you print documents that mainly consist of images and graphics, then the actual page-yield will most likely be less than expected. Nonetheless, the standard page-yield figure for an ink cartridge can aid you understands which variant will be able to last much longer. This particular factor is one of the most crucial things that you must understand before even getting an ink cartridge.

Not Purchasing High-Yield Ink Cartridges

Is it smarter to purchase standard ink cartridges since they are cheaper? Do you know how much volume print output do you print every month? If you don’t have a clue, then you’re making a mistake.

Nowadays, most printers support both high-yield and standard printer cartridges. But many consumers normally choose standard ink cartridges more often. Obviously, it’s because of the lower price range.

The truth is that the cost-per-print when it comes to standard printer ink cartridges is much higher. In particular, XL/XXL cartridges are more expensive since they hold more ink. Thus, you can definitely save for up to 20% if you pick high-yield printer ink cartridges.

Well, you can opt to low-yield or standard ink cartridge if you don’t print that much. These kinds of ink cartridges are perfect for light-duty tasks in small offices or home.

Not Verifying the Cartridge Number

How do you determine if a certain printer ink cartridge is the perfect choice for your printer? Well, certain printers use up to 9 ink cartridges, and there are also some that only utilize one. You see, a printer model is made to work with a certain ink cartridge only. And an ink cartridge is classified by its cartridge number. This particular number is most of the time printed on the cartridge label.

Moreover, you can also verify the printer’s manual in order to see the cartridge number. This kind of information is usually available in sections where toner or ink replacement is tackled.

Not Checking Which Printer Ink Cartridge is Actually Empty

A lot of printers today utilize a set of 3 or more color printer ink cartridges. If the printer utilizes separate ink cartridges, then you must check which one really requires replacement. Most of the time, it’s easy to deduce by simply observing the ink cartridges, while putting them in front of a light source.

On the flip side, there are also printers that feature screen alerts to indicate that status of the ink level in different cartridges.

Final Thoughts

Did your monthly print volumes significantly rise since you last bought a new printer? Then most likely, you are spending more than necessary on the printer ink cartridge replacements. What you want to do is simply consider purchasing a new printer that utilizes much cheaper cartridges and provides better toner or ink economy for higher print volumes.

And that sums it up. If this review is helpful, kindly leave any feedback in the comment section below. Thank you!

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