Top 5 Uses For Cordless Drills At Home

Cordless drills are becoming more and more popular on the market because of the convenience that they bring. The reason behind this is because there are no cords that need to be untangled and you no longer have to look for a power outlet just to make your cordless drill work. All you have to do is snap the battery pack in it, and you start drilling almost instantly.

Despite the popularity of cordless drills, a lot of homeowners are wondering if they actually need one that’s cordless. The simple answer to this is a big YES. If you’re wondering on the different uses of cordless drills at home, then the information below will surely help you.

Uses For Cordless Drill At home

Replacing The Screwdriver

One of the top usages of a cordless drill at home is assembling and attaching certain materials. Attaching a screw bit to a cordless drill can easily insert the screw into the material. All you have to do is to flip the switch of the cordless drill and will start rotating in a counterclockwise position. This makes the cordless drill very valuable when it comes to attaching and removing the screws from a material.

Pilot Holes

There are some instances that a block of wood may split into two while you’re trying to insert a screw. The best thing that you can do to avoid this from happening is by drilling a pilot hole before you even insert the screw. This is important when finishing carpentry, as even a tiny split can ruin the quality of the material. As you all know, once you start digging a screw into the wood, the grain separates from it, which can cause the wood to split. But, if you drill a pilot hole first, you will be able to insert the screw with little to no wood splits.

Hole Saw

A cordless drill can also be used as a saw. You can cut a hole for the sink, drain, faucets, door knobs, and any other holes. To do this, you can attach a hole saw bits onto your cordless drill, so you can start using it to cut perfect circles.

Drywall Installation

People who install drywalls usually carry cordless drills on their belts so they can easily access it. When it comes to installing drywall, lifting and holding large panels are required even before inserting the drywall screws to the studs behind the wall. The installer will have to keep the board in one hand, while the other hand can hold the cordless drill. The drill should be fitted with a screw tip’s magnetic so that the installer can screw it easily through the drywall.


One of the particular type of cordless drills today is the cordless hammer drill. This will help you drive bolts to concrete using vibration and a rotating action from the drill. A cordless hammer drill is a good power tool to help bolt outdoor furniture or install things into a concrete.

What Is A Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is one of the power tools available on the market today. This tool is used to drill holes into floors, walls, concretes, and any other materials. It also has the ability to insert and remove the screws. As the name says, a cordless drill is powered by a rechargeable battery. This simply means that you no longer need a power outlet, just to make your drill work.

Types Of Cordless Drill

Impact Driver

The impact driver is known as a power tool, which has an impact mechanism. It has the power to drive big fasteners and bolts quickly and efficiently.

Screw Gun

A screw gun can be used to help loosen the screw in, which is usually done during drywall installation. This kind of power tool is consists of a high torque motor, which will help you to drive in materials that are dense. One of the best things about using a screw gun is that you don’t have to worry about experiencing fatigue if you plan on using this for an extended period of time.

Rotary Drill

A rotary drill may not be that popular but is surely very powerful. It can drill through hard materials, including concrete, tile, and masonry. A rotary drill comes in different types, wherein some have a rotary hammer, hammer only, and rotation modes. This drill has a second handle, which will add stability.

Right Angle Drill

The right angle drill is usually seen with a tradesman. Its chuck is perfect mounted 90 degrees from the drill’s body. This means that is you are going to work in a space that’s constricted; then this drill is the one for you.

Hammer Drill

As the name says, a hammer drill can do the hammering and the drilling. It provides more thump than a power drill, which makes it ideal for drilling in hard surfaces like masonry.

Power Drill

The most basic kind of power tool is the power drill. It is ideal for drilling holes to walls and as well as securing the screws. A power drill comes with a clutch which can be altered to help with the depth of the drill.

Buying Guide: What To Look For In A Cordless Drill

Choosing The Right Type

According to this website, there is a different type of drills, so knowing which ones you need is ideal. The best example to choose is something that you know that you will often use. You should also want something that can be used on different tasks. In this way, you will make the most out of your drill.

Checking The Handle

Since you’re going to work with your cordless drill for hours, you need something that has an ergonomic handle. You need to be able to balance the drill and be comfortable with it no matter how long you’re using it. For people who have smaller hands, it would be best to get powerful but smaller drills. When purchasing drills, always make sure to choose something that you’re comfortable to hold.

Checking The Chuck Size

The chuck’s size will be the one to determine the bit shank’s maximum size that the drill can hold. A standard size nowadays would be 1/2 inch of the chuck. It provides you with the flexibility that you need when it comes to doing specific tasks. The format will help you with certain tasks, including working of drywall, concrete, or when you’re drilling bigger holes.

Checking The Power

The next thing that you need to do is to check the power of the cordless drill. You need to check the voltage, which typically ranges from 6 to 36 volts. Usually, the higher the drill’s voltage, the more massive the cordless drill. Some drills weigh 8 pounds, so if you are okay with heavy power tools, then that’s fine. If you are going to use it for light tasks, then you can work with 12 to 18 volts.

Checking The Speed

Majority of the cordless drills today have two different speeds. The lowest is between 300 to 400 RPM with more torque for driving the screws. The highest speed can run from 1,200 to 1,400 RPM for drilling. Check for drills that have the ability to maintain their speed depending on the load.

Checking The Clutch

The clutch can be preset at different resistance levels. Once the level is reached, the clutch will then slip, and it will make a clicking rapid sound. This will help the screw from snapping or stripping through the material. The clutch will also be the one to protect the drill’s motor from overheating under too much resistance.

Check The Batteries And Chargers

Lithium-ion batteries are great batteries for cordless drills. The reason behind this is because it has the ability to hold a charge for an extended period of time. It has also lighter, so it won’t add weight on the drill itself. You may also opt for Ni-Cad batteries because they are more affordable than the Lithium-ion batteries. It has just enough performance and is a good alternative.

Of course, battery chargers are also necessary. You need to check whether the charger can charge your battery fast or not. Some chargers can charge your battery for as little as 15 minutes, while there are also some that can charge the batteries for 3 hours. The best charger that you can use is one that can charge your batteries fast.

Just make sure that both the battery and the charger are compatible with each other. In this way, there won’t be any problems when you start using both of them.


These are the top 5 uses for cordless drills at home and your guide on how you can choose the best one. There may be a lot of cordless drills on the market, but not all of them can work the way you want them to be. So always keep the guides above in mind to ensure that you’re buying something that’s worth your purchase.

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